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Free SimPoints Cheat Code Generator 2013 1.0v Download


Free SimPoints Cheat Code Generator 2013 1.0v Download


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A SimPoint is a currency of The Sims 3 Store. They can be bought from the store, and in Origin or at retail stores using the SimPoint Card to redeem these points.
SimPoint CardEdit

A SimPoint Card (or Sim Point Card) is a card which players buy and redeem Simpoints to purchase objects, sets or towns in The Sims 3 Store. They are ranged from 1000 SimPoints to 24,360 SimPoints. These cards can be bought in game retailers from some countries. SimPoints can also be bought in Origin or in The Sim 3 Store.

Get EXCLUSIVE content for The Sims 3™ with [number of points] SimPoints!

Use your SimPoints to enrich and customise your game at The Sims 3 Store.
Choose from hundreds of uni

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